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Mayfair: The Story of a Borough

Mayfair: The Story of a Borough

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Since the ever famous and contentious board game, Monopoly, made this district the highest priced property on the board, Mayfair has held a firm reputation as one of London’s best known neighbourhoods. It is considered one of the richest and most exclusive of all places in London, and perhaps even the world.

But what’s the history behind the area, and how did it come to be called Mayfair? Stay tuned for a pocket sized history tour of the famous district lying right at the feet of your London serviced apartments.

What is Mayfair?

Unusually for an area of London, the boundaries of Mayfair are well-defined; everything that lies inside a square shaped boundary formed by four of London’s best known roads – Oxford Street, Regent’s Street, Piccadilly, and, of course, Park Lane – is considered to be Mayfair.

Early history

Despite being today one of the most desired neighbourhoods in the world, for much of its life Mayfair was considered a fairly unremarkable group of fields. The name derives from its original use, when the then King, James II ordered that a fair be held there in 1686, to celebrate the coming of May – hence, ‘May-fair’. The celebrations became an annual tradition until being banned in 1764.

Read more about the history of Mayfair and the historical sites right outside your Mayfair serviced apartments.

The making of Mayfair

Some years earlier than this fair however, the seeds of the Mayfair district as we know it today had already started to be sown. In 1677 the whole area was given to the Grosvenor family as dowry upon the marriage of Thomas Grosvenor to Mary Davies, who had inherited the lands previously.

The couple’s descendants eventually built up the area to its current level of prestige through the coming centuries, with such renowned locations as The Grosvenor Estate, Burlington House and Hanover Square – all spots you can visit straight from your London serviced apartments.

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