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Palaces in Outer London – the History You Don’t Usually See

Palaces in Outer London – the History You Don’t Usually See

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You always hear about the fantastic historical tourist attractions in Central London, but somehow London’s leafy suburban districts never get much of a look-in in the tourist brochures. But we know the people staying in our Mayfair serviced apartments aren’t going to let a quick train ride from Waterloo deter them from seeing some of the best sites that outer London has to offer.

So here are some of the best historical houses and palaces you can visit if you fancy something different during your short stay in Mayfair.

Hampton Court Palace

A short train ride from London’s Waterloo station will take you out to London’s gorgeous suburban borough of Richmond-Upon-Thames. Here, you’ll find one of only two surviving palaces built by King Henry VIII – Hampton Court Palace. It’s a stunning destination and a perfect day out for anybody wanting to experience the inner workings of British royal life in the 1500s.

Strawberry Hill House

If Hampton Court Palace happens to have already bought you out to Richmond-Upon-Thames, then a brisk 45-minute walk or quick bus ride will take you upstream to the stunning 18th-century gothic Strawberry Hill House. So influential was the design of this building that it coined its own artistic style – ‘The Strawberry Hill Gothic.’

Eltham Palace

A little closer to your Mayfair serviced apartments – a short train ride from Central London in search of Eltham Palace will take you as far as the Royal Borough of Greenwich – an area of London steeped in royalty and history. The palace has been a feature of British history for many years – the site having been used as a royal residence since the 1300s. It’s a perfect destination for someone who wants to get a taste of history outside of Central London.

Come home to your Mayfair serviced apartments

Of course, it’d be impossible for us to tell you about all the fantastic destinations that both outer and Central London have to offer. But we hope this has piqued your interest for more experiences you can’t get in a tourist bumper pack.

But when you’ve spent all day trailing around the suburbs for your off-the-map experiences, you might just want to come back to some of the finest Mayfair serviced apartments that London has to offer. We can help with that.