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Your Short Stay in Mayfair: Ideas for Enjoying a Sunday Afternoon

Your Short Stay in Mayfair: Ideas for Enjoying a Sunday Afternoon

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When you’re enjoying a short stay in Mayfair, the weekend doesn’t have to end first thing on a Sunday – particularly if your journey home doesn’t start until the evening. Sunday can be one of the best days of the week when it comes to exploring the beauty and culture that London has to offer. As the weekend rush starts to settle down, you can enjoy all the wonders of the capital city at their finest.

While there’s nothing wrong with spending a morning lounging inside of your Mayfair serviced apartment, remember not to let the whole day go to waste. Grab your travel partners and head outdoors to these perfect Sunday destinations.

Berkeley Square

Immortalised forever by the romantic 1940’s song by Manning Sherwin and Eric Maschwitz, Berkeley Square was originally created by architect William Kent in 1789. The location is famous for the Grade II listed building of Lansdowne House at number 57. Since you don’t have to worry about opening times to explore history and culture on the streets, Berkeley Square is a great place to go from your Mayfair serviced apartments on a Sunday afternoon.

The Houses of Parliament

Want to reduce your risk of running into the crowds at one of the world’s most popular tourist attractions? Then head to the banks of the River Thames and the Houses of Parliament on a Sunday afternoon. This is a great opportunity to grab some photographs that aren’t ruined by other tourists for your vacation.

Hyde Park

Finally, spend your Sunday enjoying the weather (if it isn’t raining) and taking in the nature around you at stunning Hyde Park. More than 350 acres in size, it’s the largest park in London, and brimming with activities for the whole family. If you’re finishing off your short stay in Mayfair, then why not enjoy a relaxed afternoon picnic?

Just a moment away from your Mayfair serviced apartment

There’s more to the weekend than you might think. When you’re spending a few days in the lap of luxury in Mayfair, it’s a good idea to make sure that you make the most of every moment in your trip.

Book your apartment today, and remember to keep these ideas handy if you’re struggling for things to do on a Sunday!