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Top Museums Close to Your London Serviced Apartments

Top Museums Close to Your London Serviced Apartments

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Among the many things that London is famous for, is the wide range of museums that we have to offer. With everything from fans, to cartoons, you can truly find a museum for every niche.

But there are some museums in London which just can’t be missed. We’ve chosen our top selection – all of which are easy to get to from your central London serviced apartments – and listed them below.

British Museum

Amongst the best known of London’s museums is the British Museum, which with almost 8 million artefacts, is one of the most comprehensive museums in the world. It is home to a range of priceless artefacts which, in true British style, are a smorgasbord of different cultures from all over the world.

The Natural History Museum

Situated in London’s ‘museum district’ in Kensington, The Natural History Museum specialises in artefacts of zoological, palaeontological or botanical interest. In short, that means dinosaurs. This museum is famous for its fantastic reconstructed fossils of long-dead creatures, and it is sure to be a worthwhile day out.

The Victoria & Albert Museum

Commonly referred to as simply ‘The V&A‘, this museum is not far from your central London serviced apartments and it’s also perfect to visit on your way out of The Natural History museum – as it’s just across the road.

The Victoria and Albert was established in the mid-19th Century, and takes its name, unsurprisingly, from Queen Victoria and her husband Albert. The museum specialises in arts and design pieces, including everything from sculpture, to fashion and jewellery. There is truly something for everyone to enjoy here at this fantastic London museum.

Of course it would be impossible for us to list every London museum here, or even every famous London museum. These are just some museums that we think everyone should visit while they’re in London, but by no means stop there. If you’re interested in something you can be sure there’s a museum for it.

If you’re planning a trip to London, for business, to discover its range of fantastic museums, or just to see some of the other fantastic attractions the city has to offer, a stay in our fantastic London serviced apartments will give you the perfect base from which to explore.