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London Serviced Apartments

Seeing a daily crowd of visitors from all over the world, the British capital is a busy city. Thanks to its scenic landscape and charged commercial scene, several tourists and people from the business world visit the city of London on a daily basis. Given this situation, there is a constant demand of accommodation options in the city. Depending on the purpose of the visit, the duration of the stay differs. Given this situation, London Serviced Apartments come across as an excellent respite for several visitors struggling to get a good accommodation in the city. From amongst the many options available under the category of London Serviced Apartments, Mayfair Serviced Apartments is one of the most reliable and trustworthy names.

Age old tradition of customer service

Being an integral part of the hospitality circuit in London, Mayfair Serviced Apartments has always put customer satisfaction on the forefront and continues to work tirelessly in this direction. When visitors opt to stay at any of the Mayfair Serviced Apartments, the choice comes with an assurance of best in class service that is sure to amplify the enjoyment quotient of your vacation. Our team consists of well trained staff that works in line with our motto of delivering top class customer service. From housekeeping to the sightseeing, our staff is well equipped to take care of several situations that can be a cause of concern when planning your stay in London.

In built kitchen!

Some people may not consider the presence of a kitchen to be of any use especially when you are on a vacation. But, we would ask you to look at the bigger picture. At Mayfair Serviced Apartments, we understand that you are not going to be cooking all day during a vacation or business trip. However, having a kitchen inside the serviced Apartments Mayfair ensures that you don’t have to go looking for meals in case of emergencies especially when you are way beyond the normal dinner time. Additionally, you don’t need to cook complete meals. But having a few snacks, salads, etc. will ensure that you don’t remain hungry in case of eventuality. Also, if you use the kitchen properly, you can end up saving a big amount on your food bills.

Your guests don’t have to wait in the lobby!

When you are traveling for business, you are most likely to get visitors. However, if you are staying in a hotel, these visitors have to be accommodated in the lobby or the coffee shop. But, what if you don’t want to treat the person to a meal? What if you just want to discuss a few important points in a quiet environment? Well, staying in a hotel rarely gives you this privacy. On the other hand, when you are staying in a serviced apartment in Mayfair, this problem will never occur. You have the entire apartment to yourself and can easily ask your guests to come over at a convenient time. Removing the need to wait or meet in the coffee shop, serviced apartments in Mayfair simplify your task in a cost effective manner.

Do it yourself!

Staying in a hotel comes with several additional charges that include meals as well as laundries. However, opting to stay in any of the serviced apartments in London helps you eliminate this problem to quite an extent. We have already told you about the kitchen where you can cook your own meals. Many of these serviced apartments also come with washing machine so that you can do your laundry on your own. For people who are tired to undertake the task, you can always ask for the professional laundry service even when you are staying in a serviced apartment.

Such facilities prove that staying in a serviced apartment in Mayfair is a wise and cost effective decision.