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Serviced Apartments in Mayfair

Vacations in London are an excellent way for a family to bond. Even when you remove the sightseeing part, there is so much to do that the vacations should leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. However, in most of these cases, you end up feeling burdened with the big hotel bill making it absolutely impossible for you to enjoy the vacation. Serviced Apartments in London available through Mayfair Serviced Apartments come across as an excellent solution to this situation. In spite of all its luxuries, serviced apartments can prove to be quite affordable accommodation option especially when you are travelling in big numbers and plan to stay for longer durations.

Its not just the tariff!

At Mayfair Serviced Apartments, we specialize in offering quality service at an affordable price. Being a family run business, we have always focused on understanding the ever-evolving needs of the customer and accordingly designed our apartments to include the maximum number of facilities. Most people tend to end avoid choosing serviced apartments in Mayfair simply because the tariff is on the higher side. But, this is a mistake. When you compare the slight rise in tariff with the multitude of facilities that you get at any of the accommodation options offered by Mayfair Serviced Apartments, it becomes one of the most cost effective options in Mayfair.

All are centrally located!

The biggest advantage of opting for accommodation offered by Mayfair Serviced Apartments is that all our properties are centrally located. If you are wondering, how the location works in your favor. Well, the answer is simple. When you are staying with your family, a centrally located accommodation ensures that all the popular sightseeing destinations are nearby and therefore easily accessible. What’s more is that your accommodation is easily accessible from all the major points in the city. Be it coming back in the afternoon for a short nap or a quick lunch, staying in a centrally located property makes all of this possible.

More options to choose from

The Mayfair Serviced Apartments team understands that every customer has a different set of needs. Some may travel independently while others like to move in hordes. Accordingly, the accommodation also has to be different. Given this situation, serviced apartments Mayfair offered by us cover a wide variety of options that include everything from a one bedroom flat to a big four bedroom house. Depending on your travel requirements, you can conveniently choose an accommodation option that best suits your needs. Irrespective of the size of the apartment that you choose, we constantly strive to give you the best in class service ensuring that your family gets to enjoy the most of their vacation in London.

Complimentary facilities

The London serviced apartments offered by our firm are a result of our constant endeavor to serve the consumer community with the best in class service in the hospitality sector.  From the tastefully decorated interiors to the furniture, every inclusion is in accordance to the need of the modern day traveler. While each of the accommodation options offered by us is a complete package in itself, we also offer a host of complimentary facilities. These facilities include good strength of Wi-Fi all over the house. So you can access the internet, do your transactions, watch movies, download games and a lot more ensuring that there is no place for boredom in your vacation!